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We spend approximately 40 hours a week in the workplace, surrounded by people not necessarily of our choosing. We have little or no information about their background, goals or agendas, yet we are expected to work harmoniously with them. It’s no wonder these workplace relationships can be stressful. This can affect our work performance or that of our employees. It can make work an unpleasant experience and potentially put our job or even our business at risk.

Before becoming a therapist, Michelle worked in the corporate sector for over 25 years. As an experienced HR professional with extensive experience in a range of organisations, Michelle has constructed programs and initiatives that support talent development, organisational change, workforce planning, training and employee relations.

She is a registered Hogan Assessor, and uses this personality assessment tool to assist organisations with the selection and development of employees, as well as coaching leaders to develop their skills in people management and career enhancement.

Michelle is an accredited mediator, with expertise in dispute resolution, conflict and workplace relations. She is also an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counsellor

  • Counselling and Coaching
  • Mediation
  • Personality Testing