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0400 653 493

M Patton Therapy provides Counselling and Psychotherapy services in Bathurst, NSW Offering Counselling, Psychotherapy, Group Facilitation, Personal Development and Wellness Coaching

Michelle Patton

Counsellor and Psychotherapist

I am a qualified Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Wellness Coach with consulting rooms in Bathurst, Central West of New South Wales. I offer services to individuals (16 years and over) with challenging and persistent personal and relational troubles that can affect their everyday life.

I worked in the corporate sector for over 20 years and was drawn to the career of a Therapist following my fascination with people’s capacity for change and growth. This led me to complete a Graduate Diploma in Holistic Counselling and a Masters Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy.

I cover all aspects of counselling and psychotherapy. Please contact me for an initial chat.

Personal Development And Wellness Coaching

Wellness is a widely written about topic but is not a one size fits all. The wellness of an Olympic athlete is different to that of a lay person with many people struggling to fit exercise and complicated diets into their hectic lives.

In my previous life as a Personal Trainer, I came to understand the mechanics of a healthy body through nutrition and exercise. It’s no great secret, if we move more and eat less (of the high sugar, highly processed foods) we will maintain a healthy body. If that’s the case why aren’t so many of us doing it? This can be due to a variety of reasons like our family history with food, personal beliefs and society influences. Discovering the root cause of why we eat and what food represents for us is fundamental in changing our relationship with food and maintaining healthy habits.

My approach to wellness is being the best that I can be, balancing nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, mental health and diet. Find out more by requesting an appointment or clicking HERE.

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When people hear the words relationship, they often think solely of romantic relationships.  As human beings we are in relationships all of the time including ourselves, our environment, family, friends and work colleagues. Most of our worries and angst are the result of a breakdown or challenges in our relationships.

Disordered Eating

There are many forms of disordered eating, including those that do not meet the medical criteria and those that go undiagnosed.  Disordered eating is  complex, often masking more fundamental issues. Our relationship with food starts from birth and is a constant in our lives, therefore we must find solutions to enable a healthy relationship with food for our overall wellbeing.


People experience trauma when they have gone beyond their ability to cope or cannot assimilate emotions involved with a certain situation. A traumatic event can be a singular incident (e.g. car crash) or a repeated event (e.g. bullying, abuse), ultimately leading to longer term adverse effects to the person (Taylor, 2014, Maltby & Hall, 2012).

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